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THT GROUP specializes in manufacturing and exporting products of calcium carbonate superfine powder CaCO3 and filler masterbatch. Our annual capacity of CaCO3 and filler masterbatch are 300,000 MTs and 60,000 MTs, respectively. 
CaCO3 ultra-fine powder branded THT MINERALS is produced from raw materials exploited from white limestone quarry in Quy Hop - Nghe An. Furthermore, the reserves of limestone resources in this area is huge and in best quality which have been being highly appreciated by French geologists for over 100 years. The products of CaCO3 are applied to many industrial manufacturing industries in and outside the country such as: paper, plastic, paint, pulp, pharmaceutical, cosmetics,etc.
Filler masterbatch branded THT PLASTICS is manufactured from Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) on primary plastic and other additives for application in the plastic manufacturing industry. We also update the production line by using Europe's most advanced twin-screw extruder technology, as well as a dryer system to minimize moisture. We have produced many lines of goods such as: PE Filler; PP Filler; PS filler (HIPS filler); transparent filler; fillerBiO (BiO biodegradable plastic substrate), colored beads and other additive products. 
With the active advantage of raw materials, combining advanced technology chain and quality management system according to ISO 9001: 2015, the laboratory which is fully equipped with modern and standard equipment, our products are available in many countries around the world such as Russia, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Oman, Jordan, South Africa, Indonesia,etc.
With a team of experienced employees who have worked at large factories such as European plastic factory, MTM ... together with enthusiasm, dynamism, and continuous efforts to research and develop new initiatives to offering specialized products that meet most stringent requirements from domestic and international customers. We believe that we will bring our customers the satisfaction of product quality, competitive price and the most perfect sales service.

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- Obtaining business ethics and prestige and quality.
- Listening to all comments to constanly improve



* Customers: THT GROUP commits to bring maximum satisfaction to customers with the best services and the most reasonable expenses.



 * Developing the market of CaCO3 ultrafine-fine stone powder, filler masterbatch, constructional materials with a well-known brand in domestic and foreign markets.